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Author 's Spotlight

Gail Gibbons:

Author of such books as Thanksgiving Is..., Apples, Corn, and The Vegetables We Eat.


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Birch, Lisa
Cox, Melissa
Trainor, Tamara
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Mrs. Birch, Mrs. Trainor, and Mrs. Cox

What did you do at school today?

Do you have a hard time getting details from your child about what he/she did at school?  Here are just a few questions you can ask your child to help draw out information:

What did you do in reading groups (or math groups on Wednesdays)?  Did you hear a listening center?  Use the computer?  What did you do in your parent group?  How about your teacher group?

Did your teacher read you any books today?  Which ones?

What did you learn about the "present" and "past" today?  Did you look at any old photographs?

Monday: Did you learn any new songs in music?

Wednesday: What did you do in the computer lab?  What library book did you check out?  

Friday: Who was the "Team Captain" this week?  What did you learn about him/her?



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Number Poems


Our kindergarteners are learning to write the numbers 1 to 10 using correct formation. The following poems help us remember how to form the numbers correctly:


1 - Straight down for one...oh what fun!

2 - Around the corner and "choo choo choo..." that's the way to make a two.

3 - Around a tree... around a tree... that's the way you make a three.

4 - Down...across... (lift pencil up) and down some more, that's the way you make a four.

5 - Skinny then fat...put on a hat!

6 - Make a loop...mix and mix...that's the way you make a six!

7 - Across the sky and down from heaven...that's the way you make a seven!

8 - Make an S and close the gate...that's the way you make an eight!

9 - Make a loop and then a line...that's the way you make a nine!

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